Welcome to JackScottHunt.com! I’m happy you’re here. I’ve been writing stories most of my life and feel now is the right time to start sharing them. Click the BLOG button to go to check out my numerous free short stories and poems. I am also producing a Star Trek parody that I will embed on the site for your viewing. I have two novels to be released next year: Axon Drive: Install and Foster Simmons: Urban Shaman. Look forward to hearing from you!

Foggy Doggy Day

Fog like chunky chowder, and yet,The wet particles remind meOf my mother parting my hair with herSpittle on my forehead Dogs ambling on damp sidewalks, muddy trailsIngesting saturated grass, moisteningTheir vibrissae, paws soaked from traipsing,Through puddles underfoot Now they lie underfoot,Nodded off, asleep dreaming,Paws still traipsingPuddle dance memories Awake, growling thunderstorm, awake!Barking, noise, alertnessCalm them, soothe them, pet themSpittle on my forehead again

The Seal

The affluence of aquatic pinnipedsRests on the woodsy dewy pierDark eyes scrutinize, a nod of the headObserving the floating anthropoid’s leer A look, a grunt, a turn of the neckAs they all dive in for its fishing timeAs the kayak keeps its distance from the deckThe mammals disappear in turn, follow inline. Moments past, lost in the fog, and the blueAnd the silent stillness of the bay,Then Lo! A white one, gray andContinue reading “The Seal”

The Yak Bell

Stripy faded frayed Blue and white halter Wound its way Around the cast iron loop Woody striker waits Inside the darkened dome To echo its fates the haunting knell song of the Himalayas The somnolent Tibetan Yak bell wakes Sleeping children Downstairs

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